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Horn Of Asgard

Our Warrior metal style is woven from elements of death, thrash, black, pagan metal, but is not limited to this. We experiment with sound, melody, harmony and rhythm, so as not to be imitators. But we are true to the heavy sound, so you will be covered with a barrage of high-speed drum parts, powerful guitar riffs, unusual melodics, shredding solos and a wave of wild and brutal vocals
Horn of Asgard metal band was established in 2018 in Sochi. Heavy music (metal) - this is what inspired us for many years! As of today the band has the concerting experience at the best venues in the south of Russia, including joint performances in Krasnodar and Rostov-on-Don with Melodic Death Metal legends - Children of Bodom. Currently we are working on a full-length album, which tracks will be released as soon as they are ready. Right now the band has a large army of fans and excellent reviews of the concerts, but aims to expand the geography of performances, applying for participation in leading metal festivals in Russia and Europe
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