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The Horror Is Me

Along the corridors
I walked in gloom and silence

Clay statues of my mind
Spotted on me
Their sights full of violence

In sullen sleep
All the things were frozen
Gray twilight whispered strange

Like a sinister pendulum
My steps lead me to my edge

Is me
My being

And then the deeper
I stepped down
Into crypt of fear and havoc

Barely saw a figure
In the shadows
Of crowded columns

Unlocked the chest
With fear and horror of the world
I saw inside the face of mine

And pale horror replicated
In countless mirrors
Till the end of time



Ancient evil
Of real and dreams
Black blood
Of living dead

The era of wild winds
And rusty swords
And eternal fetters
Is leaving away

The world is crumbling
The demon of fire
Calling his army
Of judgement day


Hoary waves
Of ancient seas
The stars are falling
The serpent in wrath

The black drakkar
Silently leads
The gloomy god
His victim he needs

Crows are calling
Prophesying war
And Yggdrasil
Set on fire by horde

The threads will be torn
The sound of horn
Will start the last battle
Where skies will be burned


The sky is crumbling
Silence froze
In their stone eyes
There is no fear or anger
But they come to me
Ancient god rebelled
And the ocean came to life
Huge waves froze!

Ghosts of water
Carry their wreaths
On outstretched arms
Looking in my eyes
Silently approaching

They ask for nothing
They don't need anything
Only forgiveness and peace
Forgiveness and peace

The Legacy

Furious blood
Ancient mud
Erased by fire
To ashes and dust

Colossus of truth
He will not stand
Lies grind off stone
And temples burn

Memory of blood
Cant be burned out
Together we stand
Together die out

Descendants remember
Their ancient gods
Will forge from the dredges
The sword of the path

Heads gonna roll
To the black mud
Will disappear
The deceitful foe

The warriors of Rod
Indestructible faith
Though lies countless faces
There's only one truth!

No To Indifference

The path of indifference is dark and fool
Fight for truth and the light!
In the kingdom of the shadows
There's a Beast servants womb
Victories we will desire
The power of the Slavs glorious by great heart
The Heaven and the sacred deed
Listen to yourself, you're the nature of water
Fears like smoke will alive

No to indifference

Hundreds of stones instead of a bright soul
There carries the sly tyrant foe
Together we raise our swords for attack
And selflessly bravely we ram
Black bracelet of anxiety and evil
You are cutting with the sword
Became a man in front of those
Who's standing indifferent aside
And there's no time,
There's will of the warrior
And crushing power of hand
By brotherly troops
The world is famed
Be honest and brave to the end

The Return

Your blood is older
Than their memory
Your spirit talks
To the forests, water and wind
Fire and rocks that are thousands of years old
They reflect the forgotten ancestors' call
Don't let if fade, don't let leave away
Do not believe what the false prophets say

That's not around you
That's what you are
Come to the voice within
It recalls that was hidden so far
Your eyes is the Sun that is illuming fields
Breath are the winds that impelling the mills
A child of nature once you were born
And with its Force to the life you return!

A child of nature once you were born!
And with its Force to the life you return!